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Seo-oriented-text writing service

Whatever field your business is in, it is crucial to have a readable website, structured in the proper way to be easily found by those looking for your services on search engines. It is also important to maintain people’s attention when their start reading the contents on your website.

An effective website is the result of a project including graphic, technical and content aspects  that reflects your brand image. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is essential to get you indexed by search engines and to help you intercept new potential customers.

I write SEO-oriented contents in Italian, my native language, also using sources of documentation and brief in English.

If you need the Italian version of your international website, I can do the transcreation of its SEO-oriented contents from English to Italian.

What value can I offer you?

I am a SEO webwriter in Italian for websites and online channels.

These contents are not a simple reworking of brochures or pre-existing communication materials

The SEO-oriented-texts are structured according to the rules of digital reading, that is slower and more subject to distractions than reading a printed text. They facilitate reading and understanding from any device and capture the attention of the reader with clear, concise and informative sentences, key concepts clearly exposed in the first lines, paragraphs introduced by strategic titles.

They integrate SEO rules into a smooth, streamlined and interesting text. My work is complementary to the SEO specialist from which, working side by side, I learned to integrate the logic of the engine searches into my texts.

The texts I write develop original quality content. Enriching your site with wide-ranging information content helps you attract readers looking for search engine information.

What can I do for you?

  • Design your online presence: analysis of competitors, study of the tone of voice and of the key messages to be transmitted with the texts.
  • Create a team for your project, involving web designers, graphic designers, SEO strategic, photographers, translators
  • Develop content for the static pages of your website and for your blog
  • Write SEO oriented texts in Italian containing keywords and synonyms in the ways required by the SEO strategy
  • Transcreate texts from English into Italian with the proper tone of voice for your target audience.
  • Write sales pages for your services/products
  • Write product pages for your e-commerce
  • Edit pre-existing texts with SEO rules
  • Write SEO oriented contents for Linkedin and other social networks and newsletters

How much does it cost?

To budget your texts I need some information as the content tree of your website, the amount of pages, the complexity of the topic.

Need a customized quote? Contact me and tell me about your project.

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