About me

Manuela Vullo

A word collector with curiosity about the world

As children, some people are fascinated by musical notes, engines or colours. I have always been captivated by words. Words to read or write, words with subtle differences in meaning to learn and remember.

I find the idea that a suitable word exists to describe any situation or feeling, to define reality or imagine possible worlds, is immensely exhilarating.

I am a curious, ironic observer; I willingly listen to other people and try to put myself in their shoes. In communication I found a dimension where these elements set the cogs of creativity, strategy and writing in motion. I develop ideas around a brief and put my brain to work to find associations of ideas that ignite my creativity, and begin to write or sketch out a customized plan.

I can help you get your communication off the ground

Press officer, copywriting and writing for the web, together with professional blogging, digital PR and content for social media, are my job and my passion

My clients are manufacturing companies and Made in Italy artisans, independent contractors and freelancers.

I offer a flexible, streamlined consultation service, and the opportunity to plan customized communication that draws on a variety of tools with a single professional. I do not believe in infallible recipes and winning formulas – each project is tailor-made with words and ideas chosen specifically to get it off the ground.

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From a passion to a profession, my profile in brief

Since 2011 I have worked as a freelance out of my office in Turin, with the invaluable assistance of my feline muses, Polly and Dharma. My clients come from all over Italy, and sometimes abroad, and I love getting together with them for a meeting or to take part in an event with them. Curiosity about new situations and tenacity in honing my skills have been constants throughout my working life.

Following a Master’s in Public Relations, the fashion industry offered me a chance to make full use of my passion for writing. I took my first step on the ladder as a copywriter and press officer at Salvatore Ferragamo, the iconic made in Italy brand, where I overcame my blank page anxiety by writing descriptions of splendid hand-crafted shoes and accessories, press releases and interviews, and learned the dynamics of communication.

I subsequently worked as press officer and copywriter for other textile, fashion and Made in Italy companies, and also handled corporate communication. As a press officer I developed ways to manage news and cultivate relations with journalists, while at public relations and event planning agencies I learned team work and how to use a mix of media and tools to customize communication.

In recent years, social media, the web and blogging have expanded the boundaries of professional communication. I welcomed this evolution, the need to change perspective, assimilate the fundamentals of web marketing, online communication and SEO-oriented texts.