Transcreation and localisation of content from English to Italian

Attention to the nuances of meaning and the dynamics of adapting texts between different languages, cultures and semantic spheres, together with my passion for the Anglo-American language and culture and my sensitivity as a copywriter, have opened the doors to creative translation from English to Italian and content localisation for the Italian market.

In advertising and marketing communication, literal translation is often inadequate to convey the complex meanings of a message, and may impoverish the original intention. Consider untranslatable proverbs, puns, rhyme schemes and idiomatic expressions: the solution is to stray from literal translation into the field of creativity, and convey the intended message using different expressions and more appropriate examples.

In addition to linguistic competence, particular sensitivity is required in the translation of many emotional and cultural aspects (idioms, irony, metaphors, appropriate tone of voice, references to shared cultural heritage and common identity) and linguistic factors (musicality, semantic register, word length).

Translating a message often means rewriting and adapting it with examples and references more suited to the context of the target language, while respecting customs, rhythm, sound, length and structure.

My transcreation and localisation services from English to Italian:

  • Content for advertising and marketing: I find the best alternatives for a headline or slogan and seek the most appropriate solution for the translation of a brand name for the Italian market.
  • Texts and micro-texts for websites, with a focus on user experience; descriptions of e-commerce products
  • Advertising for social media and search engines, taking into account maximum character count, keywords and SEO
  • Posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Content for corporate newsletters and blogs, with a focus on SEO strategy and keyword translation. In this type of project it is important to adapt the immediacy and inherent informality of English to the Italian context and the Italian target audience, while maintaining the original tone of the message in accordance with the customs, knowledge and expectations of Italian-speaking recipients.

I also provide a transcreation service from Italian to English, in collaboration with a native English-speaking copywriter.

How much does it cost?

If you need a customized quote for my transcreation service, please write me and tell me about your project and your requirements.

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